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Discover your dream property in complete harmony with Mother Nature

A Private Paradise on Vancouver Island

The Ittatsoo Bay community started with 333 acres of contiguous pacific rimland on the wild West coast of Vancouver Island. 

The first phase of Ittatsoo Bay real estate development, 150 acres named The Uplands, officially sold out in 2014.

The Uplands encompasses fourteen 10 acre parcels at the community’s highest elevations.

Many of the Uplands properties come with views of the Pacific Ocean that will take your breath away

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A Rare Opportunity To Own
A Legacy Property

Now, after a six-year hiatus, we are ready to move forward with the second, and final phase of Ittatsoo Bay real estate sales. The Midlands consists of 115 acres subdivided into 16 five-acre parcels.

We’re no longer planning to develop the third phase of oceanfront properties. The coastline will remain in its natural protected state so that future generations can enjoy the peace and beauty of this place as well.

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Ittatsoo Bay Real Estate Offers The Best Of Every World Sustainable Rural Seclusion

The Ittatsoo Bay community offers all the privacy you could ever want without sacrificing the
convenience and opportunities of the city. 

Ittatsoo residents are a short 20-minute drive from the nearest Ucluelet and 35-40 mins to Tofino. Both towns offer plenty of entertainment, culture, and convenience.

Family-Friendly Community

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The nearest town is Ucluelet (population 1,500) which is a popular adventure tourism hub that boasts dining options from casual to classy.

Visiting family and friends will not be bored. Ucluelet adventure tours run the gamut from sea kayaking, whale watching, or sport fishing.

Hikers have easy access to the Wild Pacific Trail from the Ucluelet Inlet at the Amphitrite Point Lighthouse.


Tofino (population 1,650) is located approximately 40km northwest of Ucluelet off of Highway 4. This coastal town is a crowd favorite for surfers, storm watchers, and artists.

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Port Alberni

Port Alberni (population 17,000) lies about 100 km east of Ucluelet. Is a sportsman’s paradise that is popular with fisherman, hikers, and mountain bike riders.

You pass through on your way to Tofino & Ucluelet, anything you can’t find on the west coast can be found in the Alberni Valley.


Victoria (population 330,000) is the capital of British Columbia and Vancouver Island’s largest city.

Victoria is a college town, the University of Victoria keeps the town bustling with college students. Historic homes and buildings are numerous.

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Urban Jet Setter

Should residents need the kind of amenities and services that can only be found in the big city, they can be in any of the Pacific Northwest’s largest metropolitan cities within 2 hours.

Three airlines operate regularly scheduled flights from the Tofino/Long Beach Airport to Vancouver, Seattle, Nanaimo, or Qualicum.

Ucluelet Real Estate

If you’ve been dreaming of finding an off-grid property where you can escape from the chaos of the city, but you’ve been reluctant to part with the luxurious lifestyle of the big city.

You won’t find a better fit than Ucluelet real estate gem, Ittatsoo Bay.

live your dream

Freedom To Live Your Dream

Each heavily wooded homestead offers limitless potential. You can mold this land to shape your dreams whatever they may be. 

There are no restrictions.

We will not dictate what you must (or must not) do with your property.

You can create a rustic off-grid cabin in the woods and escape from modern life or commission an architect to design a home that is a work of art.

A Natural Paradise Of Untouched Nature

Two wetland areas, nicknamed “The Moors”, span the Midlands, producing ample water supply. 

Trail systems snake through each property and viewing platforms have been created to help owners take in their best view.

Ucluelet To Do

Plug-In To City Power Or Go Off-Grid

With five acres of land, you will have ample room for growing whatever crops you desire, and residents have ocean access to catch whatever they like from the sea.

Our founders and the residents of the Uplands phase one have opted for fully off-grid sources of power.

However, BC Hydro permits and approvals were secured during development and the main power grid is approximately 1.5 km away if you would prefer to stay attached to the grid.

Where Is Ittatsoo Bay?

Ittatsoo Bay, Barkley Sound, B.C. is located
approximately 20 minutes northwest of Ucluelet. 

It’s on the west coast of Vancouver Island, on the southwest tip of Barkley Sound.

Check out the map below for more detailed

Ittatsoo Bay Map
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Work With A Ucluelet Real Estate Expert

The Ucluelet real estate market is growing more competitive and harder to navigate each year. 

As a licensed REALTOR®, I have the experience and local knowledge to guide you through your Ucluelet real estate purchase.

I can help find the home that suits your needs, and make sure you get the best deal possible.

Get Notified First of New Properties

The final 16 parcels in the Ittatsoo Bay community aren’t available for purchase just yet. 

But if you join the list of interested buyers you’ll be among the first notified when properties become available.

I’ll be glad to help you find the perfect property in Ittatsoo Bay or amongst the other Ucluelet real estate listings in the same region.

Imagine Building Your Home in Complete Harmony with Mother Nature

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