Salmon Beach Real Estate - Ultimate Guide (2021)

Salmon Beach Real Estate: The Basics

Location: Barkley Sound
Average home price: $200K
Average home type: Cottages

Own a piece of the rugged west coast at Salmon Beach Village, B.C. Salmon Beach Village is a recreational cottage community situated on beautiful Barkley Sound shores — home to countless recreational activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Owning and enjoying Salmon Beach Village, you will wake up to the sounds of the surf, with spectacular views of the mountains, the Broken Group Islands, and the ocean beyond. Known for its abundance of wildlife, you’ll experience nature at its wildest and finest, with whales, sea lions, and the many bald eagles that nest along the shoreline. From Salmon Beach, you’ll be able to pick your own oysters and clams or even trap Dungeness crab or prawns.

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The private boat ramp allows you to go out and experience some of the world’s best salmon, halibut, and cod fishing, or superb kayaking and SUPing in the sheltered coves of the Broken Island Group.

A remote, but an accessible recreational community.
Salmon Beach Village has evolved into one of the most unique and prized recreational communities on Vancouver Island.

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Weather in Salmon Beach Village, BC

While British Columbia is generally cool and wet, Salmon Beach Village enjoys delightful ocean breezes, relatively warm summers, and soothing rain.

Winters are especially wet, with precipitation more than twice that of Vancouver, but tend to be snow-free. Summers are a bit drier and have plenty of sunny days to enjoy the beach.

Salmon Beach Village, B.C. has been compared to living in Ireland, where the sea dominates the climate and encourages a regular cycle of cleansing rains, mysterious fog, and mild days. That said, Salmon Beach Village experiences less fog (marine weather) in the summer months that the towns of Ucluelet and Tofino.

Cost of Living in Salmon Beach Village, BC

You may notice property taxes are a little higher than average. Let’s explain why. Salmon Beach Village uses the Assessment Portion of Property Taxes. This method of taxation is used for the Provincial and Regional services provided to Salmon Beach Village. A tax rate is applied to the value of land and improvements of the property. 

You most likely live in a place with a larger population and tax base, which results in lower tax rates. Salmon Beach Village consists of only 380 recreational lots (no commercial); therefore, infrastructure can seem costly.

Over 70% of the assessment based tax collected from Salmon Beach Village pays for Provincial taxes, including School Tax, Rural Area Tax, Police Tax & BC Assessment.

The 30% of the assessment based tax collected from Salmon Beach Village pays for Regional District services, including general government costs, planning, building inspection, parks, library,911 telephone service, West Coast Landfill, Long Beach Airport, and the Alberni- Clayoquot Regional Hospital District.

Salmon Beach Cost of Living
Salmon Beach Buying

Buying a cabin or lot in Salmon Beach Village, BC

Zoning now allows for cottage construction — depending on your lot size, you can build a cottage up to 768 sq ft footprint, 1 & 1/2 stories. Smaller lots (60x120ft) have a maximum footprint of 560 sq ft. All lots can have a 160 sq ft shed.

Choosing Salmon Beach Village as your recreational community will offer you an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy and a tight-knit community. If you’d like to browse my top listings in Salmon Beach Village, click the button below. Contact me when you find something you love, and we’ll schedule a showing.

If you have any questions about buying a cabin or lot at Salmon Beach Village, B.C. I am happy to answer them all. 

Utilities in Salmon Beach Village, BC

Residents are provided with several utilities. With BC Hydro now available at Salmon Beach Village, you will enjoy a richer experience while here. Some properties have pulled power in; it’s at the lot line of others. Owners catch rainwater and store it in 1,500 gallon holding tanks. 

Sewer/Septic is a 1,500-gallon holding tank. When the light goes on that you’re nearing full, you call the Village pump truck, a cost of approx $150/pumpout, and they release it into the Village sani-field.

Internet is by way of Satellite Internet, available from Tofino Tech, or tether to your cell phone. The phone is cell phone service only, you won’t have service from Port Alberni all the way up Toquart bay road, but soon after turning towards Salmon Beach Village, you’ll be back on the cell grid.

Getting around Salmon Beach Village, BC

The Tofino-Long Beach Airport (YAZ) is centrally located between Tofino and Ucluelet on Vancouver Island’s west coast.
Transportation that services Salmon Beach Village includes:

|  Port Alberni/Clayoquot Transit
| Handi-Dart reservations 250-724-1311
Proposed Tofino-Ucluelet Transit Service

Salmon Beach Getting Around
Salmon Beach Dining

Amenities near Salmon Beach Village, BC

Residents enjoy access to a wealth of fantastic restaurants, coffee shops, and brand new spots to check out in Tofino and Ucluelet’s neighboring communities. 

Over the years, Tofino has grown from its quiet fishing town roots, and the culinary scene has become an award-winning force to be reckoned with. Some of the most popular restaurants in Tofino include Lil Ronnie Beachside BBQ, Rhino Coffee House, Shed, Chocolate Tofino.

Things to do in Salmon Beach Village, BC

Salmon Beach Village is an adventurer’s paradise. From hiking the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve to fishing, boating, and swimming at Salmon Beach and surrounding coastal communities, you will be sure to enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle that Salmon Beach offers. There’s even a wave out front to surf in the winter months.

Salmon Beach Todo

Interested in owning a recreational property at Salmon Beach?

Whatever your reason may be for purchasing at Salmon Beach Village, I will use my experience in the Salmon Beach Village real estate market to help you and your family find your own slice of west coast paradise. Contact me today!

Start Your Salmon Beach Property Search With This Guide

I’ve put together all my knowledge about this extraordinary area, as well as an introductory checklist to optimize your home buying process. Download the Tofino & Ucluelet Home Buying Guide and get ready to find your hidden gem of a home.

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